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Established in 1994 as SHRAD Services, the SHRAD Group has since evolved into a synergistic entity specializing in diverse industry sectors with strategic shared values.



Remains a key fulcrum of each and every endeavour, enabling the Group companies to leverage individual strengths and develop customized solutions from engineering, IT to bio-technology.


Our investment in people – from experienced professionals to young mavericks is a vital blueprint in our corporate roadmap that enables us to harness innovation with expertise and proven international acumen.


Each and every one of our ventures is driven by customer and industry needs, be it the generation of natural fuel energy; consumer wants and trends; health and market demands or more value for money products and services.


At SHRAD Group, this is our raison d’etre. WE believe that our success even in the toughest economic clime lies in our Clients’ confidence that we will deliver – quality uncompromised. Our credo: the Client’s business is ours too and in their success lies our FUTURE.


Be it for the future of our Employee-Partners, the communities we serve, the nation’s whom we partner in the quest for socio-economic development or more importantly, for the underprivileged and the Planet we call home, we hold a deep concern for and responsibility over.


Every value we uphold, is akin to a pillar in our home, holding us TOGETHER, and making the whole – STRONGER.

The SHRAD Group Corporate Equation:

  • Software solutions for the Oil & Gas industry
  • Energy and feedstock production for renewable energy industry
  • Telco and WIMAX equipment & accessories installation and commissioning
  • Solutions for Palm Oil Mill Effluents (POME)
  • General trading in South Asian and South East Asian markets
  • Bio-technology solutions as high-yield crops and commodity
  • Temporary floor deck solutions for the Oil & Gas industry
  • Stevia cultivation in Sri Lanka



"Ensuring our role in shaping a sustainable future."


"To provide Top Class Quality Services and Products towards the sustainable future of our Clients, Business Partners and the Citizens of South Asia and South East Asia."