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Shrad Computing was awarded the prestigious MSC Status in 2007 and subsequently granted an MDeC Grant Scheme (MGS) by the Government of Malaysia via Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) to develop its own home grown flagship Mobile Solutions Platform known as SHRADBYTE™ which is of a global standard.

SHRADBYTE™ has full capabilities of managing, hosting and creating end-to-end solutions between the Mobile Networks (Telcos) and Content Providers. This platform provides developers the ability to create and simulate contents for both the mobile and world wide web environments. All the modules created under SHRADBYTE™ have received IP's and are in full commercial mode.

SHRADBYTE™ has a significant advantage as our server co-location network connectivity has two (2) options for international internet gateway to the clouds - ASP and EastGate, both of which are built on Telekom Malaysia Berhad's Internet Exchange.

SHRADBYTE™ is the first platform which combines a complete set of mobility frameworks to facilitate service providers in delivering mobile content to any user. With its robust framework, the operation of delivering mobility services can be streamlined from content creation & simulation to content hosting and service work-flow to Telco connectivity; and finally to the marketplace.

In terms of back end processing, the performance has been optimized to cater to huge volumes of messages and heavy database operations. The platform is also highly configurable, scalable and easy to troubleshoot with its comprehensive management and reporting features.

Shrad Computing currently own four short codes as approved by MCMC for the mobile telephony industry. Our Mobile Messaging Platform has been proven to be successful with more than 500 corporate and private clients.


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