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Shrad Natural was formed in early 2011 and is in the “GREEN” business of manufacturing Energy Feedstock for Conventional & Renewable Energy boilers and gasification systems in Malaysia. Shrad Natural utilises our proprietary “JET” technology which is efficient in converting biomass such as Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) waste of the Palm Oil industry and other biomass related recyclable materials into Energy Feedstock such a EFB Briquettes and EFB Pellets. Our manufacturing facility is located in Pahang, Malaysia.

Apart from the above, current product portfolio includes Palm Fibre and Organic Fertilizer. Intense ongoing Research & Development is to produce Bionol (fuel from alcohol), Industrial Glue and Animal Feed.

Shrad Natural is also actively working on our proprietary technology “CLEARGAZ” for the generation of small amounts of electricity. Our proprietary CLEARGAZ will couple with a generator to produce clean and “GREEN” electricity.

CLEARGAZ will only intake biomass as a feedstock or fuel supply. This biomass will be wood chips and other acceptable agricultural products where the by product of this electricity generation will be will be used as a low grade fertilizer amongst others. A significant commercial and technical advantage of CLEARGAZ is the quick start-up time of maximum 3 months per site and that it is a modular and scalable system of 50KW per unit with minimal maintenance.