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Shrad Technologies formed in 2010 was involved in the installation and commissioning of 3G and 4G equipment, accessories and systems & solutions in Malaysia.

Since mid 2013, Shrad Technologies has ventured fully into the management & distribution of Coal Fly Ash (CFA) on behalf of Power Plants in Japan.

Coal account for more than half of the electricity produced in the world. These power plants produce by-products like fly ash which is captured from the exhaust of the boiler and bottom ash which is heavier and falls to the bottom of the boiler. These by-products were originally treated as waste and disposed of in landfills.

Image of Coal Fly Ash

Many Governments are strongly encouraging the use of recyclable materials and CFA from Japanese Power Plants have a Consistent quality in the chemical contents and is well suited as a recyclable material for the construction industry.

A typical Government planning towards sustainable developments

CFA is a very good raw material for the production of cement as well as a supplemental construction material for asphalts, blocks, bricks, dam construction and landfill. The potential for value-add products is also massive especially in the production of CFA bricks which have stronger cohesive properties & strength than conventional clay bricks. Furthermore, the production cost of CFA bricks will be more effective yielding better ROI's.

Maximising usage of recyclable materials

Some of the distinct and major advantages of CFA applications are :

1. CFA in concrete improves strength, segregation and ease of pumping the concrete.

"Condominium ground foundation of hollow concrete-filled steel tubular columns easier for the fluidity of the concrete can be improved by mixing the fly ash." Hokuriku Electric Power CO,. Inc.

2. When mixed with lime and water it forms a compound similar to Portland cement.

Sporting ground

"Clinker ash is in the same particle size distribution and high performance sand compaction mainly coarse sand and fine gravel. There are other features that have a high drainage sand to about the same as the coefficient of permeability, there is a large number of pores on the surface, such as a high rate compared ti the general soil moisture retention." Kyusyu Electric Power CO,. Inc.

3. CFA could be used as prime material in blocks, paving, bricks, blended cement, mosaic tiles, and hollow blocks.

"It has sufficient strength that is required to use the product in the amount of small cement. Strength and durability has also the same quality as compared to standard products JIS." Chugoku Electric Power CO,. Inc.

4. CFA has also been used recently for paving roads, and as embankment and mine fills.

Vanishing wave block (Tetra pods)

"This is an example of fly ash has been used as an admixture in fresh concrete that is manufactured in the factory and shipped ready-mixed concrete." Hokuriku Electric Power CO,. Inc.

5. Usage of CFA as supplement construction materials for asphalts, blocks and bricks.

"Fly ash has been recognized as a filler material in asphalt. (Gap filler aggregate)" Hokuriku Electric Power CO,. Inc.

"We are sure that the clinker ash on this block, field test in test Technology Development Group has sufficient strength as paving material and high cooling effect about -7 C" Hokuriku Electric Power CO,. Inc.

6. Usage of CFA for dams and landfills.

"When mixed with fly ash, for excellent strength and water-tightness, can be un-cracked concrete, it has been used in the construction of the dam, etc.

Heat of hydration of concrete is reduced by replacing part of the cement with fly ash. For this reason, it is very effective especially in dam construction fly ash is effective in reducing thermal stress in mass concrete construction" Hokuriku Electric Power CO,. Inc.

"We've used fly ash mortar surface lining of landfills type of coal ash management. We promote the effective use of coal ash by this.

It exert a stronger effect against chemical agent such as calcium hydroxide and sea water so unstable ingredients combined with a mixture of fly ash cement." J Power CO,. Inc. and Hokkaido Electric Power CO,. Inc.